What is a CAP/KPA-CAP?

A Colleague Assistance Program (CAP) is a mechanism set up by a profession to recognize and address the stressors involved in being a practitioner in a given field.

  • Its purpose is to provide mutual support in the form of information about self-care and, in the case of the mental health professions, the provision of psychotherapeutic services by colleagues. Kentucky Colleague Assistance Program (KPA-CAP) is the framework sponsored by the Kentucky Psychological Association to provide these services to psychologists practicing in Kentucky.

  • In many states, the CAPs are integrally connected to the state licensing boards to provide a resource for therapy and supervision to psychologists who have been sanctioned. However, this is NOT the case in Kentucky.

  • KPA-CAP has no association with the state licensing board, nor does it intend to do so in the future.

  • See below for the answers to commonly asked questions and general information about the stress that comes from being a practicing psychologist.

  • What if I want to provide CAP services to others? Fill out and submit the KPA-CAP registration form which can be found listed in the main CAP menu. 
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