Legislative Information

To Identify Your Senator and Representative (State and Federal)

Call 1-800-VOTE-SMART

Kentucky General Assembly Information Sources:
Message Line - 800-372-7181
(To leave a message for a single legislator or for all committee members)

Calendar Line -800-633-9650
(To check on scheduled meetings of legislative committees or task forces)

Bill status - 877-765-0447
(To check on the progress of a bill, identifying where it is in the system)

Legislative Research Commission Switchboard - 502-564-8100
(Use this number to call a legislator directly or to reach LRC staff)

LRC Website: www.legislature.ky.gov
(Read bill summaries and content; check on committee membership; locate legislators)

Schedule of Legislative Sessions:
The KY General Assembly meets for its "long" session (60 legislative days) from January to mid-April of the even-numbered years and for its "short" session (30 legislative days) from February ro late March in the odd-numbered years. The budget is discussed and passed in the long session.

Cycle of Elections:
The 100 members of the House of Representatives are elected every two years, with the primary being in late May of the odd-numbered years and the general election following in early November. Elected representatives take office in early January of the following year.

The 38 members of the State Senate are elected every four years, with one-half of them elected in one cycle and the other half elected two years later. The primary election is held in late May, followed by the general election in early November. Elected senators take office in January.

The Governor and other constitutional officers (Treasurer, Secretary of State, Auditor, Attorney General) are elected every four years, not to coincide with the U.S. Presidential election. The Kentucky Constitution was recently changed by the voters to allow the Governor to serve a second term; Gov. Patton was the first to do so. Other constitutional officers also may succeed themselves.

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