Perhaps the most unique benefit that KPA offers is the ability to join and pay for your membership at a cost-effective, monthly rate. We are currently, to our knowledge, the only psychological association in the country that offers this payment option. Click here to view the terms and conditions of our monthly membership options.

Our dues are set at a rate to sustain our organization. However, if you are unable to pay the full amount for membership due to financial constraints, please let us know here with a brief explanation and the amount you are able to pay. This request will be received by our Executive Director who will de-identify the request for review by our Membership Committee.

KPA Membership Categories, Benefits, & Pricing Structures

KPA Membership Upgrade Options



Clinical Providers

Clinical/Doctoral ($315/year or $30/month for 12 months)
Doctoral Degree in Psychology. (Includes all doctoral-level psychologists who provide clinical services in the state of Kentucky.)

Clinical Licensed Psychological Practiontitioner (LPP) ($255/year or $23/month for 12 months)
Master's degree in psychology, with independent functioning.

Clinical Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) ($160/year or $16/month for 12 months)
Master's degree in psychology, working under supervision.


Academic ($100/year or $10/month for 12 months)
Academic/Research: Have already received a Doctoral or Master's degree in psychology; primary employment at college or university; involved in teaching or research. Provides NO Clinical Health Services (other than the supervision of students).

Clinicians & Academic Dual Membership

Clinical (Doctoral)/Academic (dual membership) ($315/year or $30/month for 12 months)
Doctoral degree in psychology; primary employment at college or university; involved in teaching or research; provides health services in the state of Kentucky.

Applied Psychologists

Applied ($100/year or $10/month) Degree in psychology and uses psychological research, theory, and methods to address real-world issues (e.g., consulting psychologist, I/O psychologist, policy, leadership development). Provides NO Clinical Health Services.

Early Career Psychologists 

Doctoral level 

1- 2 years post-grad: $50/year (no monthly payment option available) also for those completing formal post-doctoral training. 

3-5 years post-grad: - $175/year or $17/month for 12 monthsThis rate is based on your graduation date.

Masters level

1-2 years post-grad: $50/year (no monthly payment option available)

3-5 years post-grad $80/year or $9/month for 12 months This rate is based on your graduation date.


$100/year or $10/month for 12 months

Changes in the status requests must be submitted in writing to the KPA Office. Eligibility Requirements:

 Emeritus Member Status Defined. Emeritus members are voting members of the association. 

Any licensed member who meets two of the three criteria below will be eligible for Emeritus Member status.
a) Reached the age of 70
b) Has belonged to the KPA for a total of 30 years
c) Is fully retired or works in a clinical capacity 8 hours or less per week

Individuals whose license was relinquished or terminated due to disciplinary action(s) will not be eligible for Emeritus Member status.


Kentucky Psychological Association Graduate Students (KPAGS) and Interns
($10/year for Graduate Students 
Non-Voting Member Category - $35/year for Interns/Pre-Doctoral Students)
Psychology Graduate Student /Pre-Doctoral Interns & have voting privileges for the KPAGS Representative on the Board and are automatically enrolled in KPAGS (KPA Graduate Students).  

Undergraduate (Free)
Non-Voting Member Category.  Psychology Undergraduate Students can join KPA for free but are non-voting members.  They receive all correspondence electronically so must have a valid email address on file to be a current member.

Out-of-State - Clinical ($100/year)
Non-Voting Member Category. Psychologists residing Out-of-State who would like to keep abreast of KPA activities and have access to KPA benefits such as CE event discounts.  
Please note: Individuals who live out of state but possess a Kentucky psychology license and practice at any level in the Commonwealth are considered full Active Member status and must pay corresponding dues.


KPA Supporter ($125/year)
Non-Voting Member Category.  Open to allied health professionals or other non-psychologists who are interested in the aims of the association. KPA Supporters receive significant discounts over Non-Member rates at all KPA Sponsored Continuing Education events, the newsletter, all Continuing Education announcements, and access to the Members Only section of the website.


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