KPA’s Influence on Public Policy in Kentucky:
KPA’s focus of public policy advocacy has been on the enhancement of the practice of psychology, eligibility of psychological providers for third-party reimbursement, protecting access for consumers and clients to psychological services, and protection of the scope of practice and titles used by psychological providers.  Many of the legislative initiatives undertaken by KPA to achieve these goals have involved revisions of the psychology licensing law (KRS 319, initially passed in 1948) and/or revisions of the administrative regulations which implement the statute.  Over the years, KPA has convened a number of Task Forces and study groups to examine the licensure statute and to keep abreast of developments nationally.

In addition to work with the KY Board of Examiners in Psychology and the legislative and administrative branches in revising regulations associated with the Psychology Licensing Law, legislative activities focused on the statute itself (KRS 319) include: (more)

A History of the KY Mental Health Coalition advocacy initiatives (more)

A History of KRS 319 revisions