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As a licensee of the KY Board of Examiners of Psychology (KBEP), you recently received a letter from Chessica Nation, Board Administrator, with information about revisions of some regulations which are important to you as a practitioner/supervisor/educator. These regulations were approved by the legislative committee on July 17, 2017, and became effective immediately. While the updated regulations will not be available for review on the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) website until early September, KPA wanted to be sure to highlight and elaborate on some of these changes for you immediately.
(Please note that all forms referred to in the revised regulations can be obtained directly from KBEP.)

201 KAR 26:125. Health service provider designation.
Changes clarify language in the Health Service Provider (HSP designation), and add language specifying that “a temporarily licensed psychologist or a licensed psychologist may provide concurrent supervision to graduate students while under supervision of a psychologist with the HSP designation.” This change will allow post-docs to practice supervision skills while they themselves are under supervision. This does not change the requirement that only licensed psychologists with the HSP designation may be the supervisor of record.
201 KAR 26:155 – Licensed Psychologist: Application Procedures and Temporary License.
Section 2: Temporary licenses will now be issued for one year, a change from the six-month period which had previously been in regulation. An extension for an additional year may be requested by completing the Request for Extension of Temporary Licensure as a Psychologist form.

201 KAR 26:160 – Fee Schedule. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
Section 2: IMPORTANT CHANGE!! New LATE FEES!! In order to avoid incurring a $75 late fee, license renewals with appropriate fees and documentation of earned CE’s MUST be submitted PRIOR TO THE RENEWAL DEADLINE, allowing sufficient time prior to a KBEP meeting for renewals to be processed. Submitting a renewal during the three-month grace period – between the renewal date and expiration date - will now incur a $75 late fee. KPA expects this change to take effect very soon – certainly within the next couple of months. Remember that the Expiration Date indicated on the KBEP website is the date your license WILL ACTUALLY EXPIRE. Once again: to avoid the late fee and any lapse in your license, YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR RENEWAL PRIOR TO THE RENEWAL DEADLINE, with an additional allowance of several days prior to the KBEP meeting that immediately precedes your renewal deadline. One additional note: some agencies do not allow their employees to practice past the renewal deadline, so please note that while the Licensing Board allows for a grace period up to 90 days past your renewal deadline, some agencies may not.

KPA was surprised to learn that a significant majority of KBEP licensees renew their licenses after the renewal deadline has passed. We want to emphasize again that waiting until after the renewal deadline will result in a $75 fee. After the expiration date, your license will be cancelled.

Section 3: Reinstating a license after cancellation will have a $100 fee.
Section 4: Registering as a nonresident psychologist will now require a $100 fee.
Section 7: All fees are now nonrefundable.

201 KAR 26:165 – Inactive Status.
Section 1: To request a status for not currently practicing or for inactive status, you will now need to submit the Request for Change of License Status form. To return to active status from not practicing status, the same form must be re-submitted. To return to active status from inactive status, you will need to renew your license.

201 KAR 26:171 – Requirements for Supervision.
Section 1: To change supervisors and/or the frequency of supervision, you will need to submit the Request for Change of Supervisor and/or Frequency form.

201 KAR 26:175 – Continuing Education. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
Section 3: All continuing education hours needed for renewal must now be completed prior to your renewal date. The grace period allowed by KBEP provides the opportunity to submit your renewal materials up to 90 days past the renewal date, now incurring a $75 late fee as described above. The grace period applies only to submission of materials, not to completing the requirements. To avoid any sort of admonishment or other Board sanction, COMPLETE ALL CE REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO YOUR RENEWAL DATE.

Section 5: There are significant changes in automatic CE acceptance for training provided by some providers. Specifically, trainings offered by the Kentucky Mental Health Institute of the Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies sponsored by the Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities will no longer be automatically accepted toward meeting the CE requirement for renewal. (However, this sponsor may apply to KBEP for CE approval on a program-by-program basis.)

A workshop in psychology or psychiatry offered by a national, regional, or state accredited academic institution’s medical center or affiliated hospital is no longer automatically approved. These institutions must now submit a completed Continuing Education Sponsorship Application to be accepted for credit. The application fee for these organizations is waived.

Continuing Education training events offered by the Kentucky Psychological Association and American Psychological Association remain as automatically approved by CE credit by KBEP.

Section 9: The board will now audit a minimum of 10% of all renewals. In the past, the Board reviewed 100% of renewals. You will be required to submit supporting CE certificates only if you are selected for audit. You will be notified if you are to be audited in your emailed renewal reminder that is sent approximately 90 days prior to your renewal date. If your renewal reminder asks you to submit all of your supporting CE documentation, then you must submit them with your renewal form and fee. If it does not ask you to submit the CE documents, then you do not need to do so!

The on-line licensure renewal form requires that all licensees type in by hand the name of each workshop taken to complete the renewal process. This includes typing in the title, presenter, # of CE credits, and sponsor of the training. Currently the website operated by the Department of Professional Licensing is set up to time out after 15 minutes, and there is no option to save work in progress. (KPA has communicated to the Department the frustrations with the system that we’ve heard from our members, and are told that improvements are coming.) Formerly, CE certificates needed to be provided to KBEP for each renewal cycle. Under the new system, CE certificates need to be provided to KBEP ONLY if you are selected for audit.
For subscribers to the KPA CE Registry, there are two ways that the registry may be useful to you: 1) The KPA CE Registry has all of the information that you will need to enter into the system gathered for you into one handy document. Although you will still need to hand-enter the information, the CE Registry can serve as a handy guide to make the process more efficient and convenient. 2) If you are selected to be audited, rather than having to upload each individual CE certificate into the Department of Professional Licensing’s site, holders of a KPA CE Registry certificate will only need to upload and submit that single document.

KAR 26:225 – Renewal and Reinstatement.
This is a new regulation! KBEP has outlined the requirements for license renewal and the conditions for reinstatement of a license between the expiration of the 90-day grace period but before three years have passed. The reg is available at